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Cincinnati’s U.S. Bank Arena Presents: The N***** King v. The King of Racial Nationalists

Donald Trump is on his way to Cincinnati’s U.S. Bank Arena tonight for his first post-election rally. And so are tens of thousands of his supporters from the surrounding tri-state area that Cincinnati connects: Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.

Many will wonder why Trump picked Cincinnati for this momentous occasion, especially since the Queen City overperformed for Hillary Clinton. Why Cincinnati as the first stop of his thank-you tour?

Trump’s not coming to say thank-you to the City of Cincinnati. He’s just using Cincinnati’s arena because is the biggest venue and the most central location for him to throw a party for his white, reactionary voters and to say thank-you to them.

And Cincinnatians know Trump supporters when they drive into the City because they come to the arena for his rallies, and they drive right back out. These folks don’t like the City of Cincinnati because, well, there’s Black folks that live here — and a lot of them. And they’ve moved to surrounding counties or to Indiana or Kentucky for that very reason.

Recently, “racially charged graffiti” was found on the Loveland Bike Trail, a trail that many Cincinnatians use. Some called the graffiti Pepe the Frog — the white nationalist, anti-Semitic meme that’s been popping up all over social media lately — but the message was explicitly directed towards President Obama and the African-American community.

The message read: “Obama, the n***** king.”

This graffiti symbolizes the attitudes of many of Trump’s supporters driving into the City tonight. And it is the underlying reality of Trump’s Electoral College victory.

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